Below is a list of the top and leading Hypnotherapy Clinics in Newcastle. To help you find the best Hypnotherapy Clinics located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Hypnotherapy Clinics:

The top-rated Hypnotherapy Clinics in Newcastle are:

  • Newcastle Hypnotherapy – offers individualized treatments for various conditions
  • Cameron Hypnotics – helps you change old patterns, habits, and behaviors
  • Branches Of Healing – helps you heal on multiple levels
  • Think Hypnotic Solutions – empowers you to become a better version of yourself
  • Trinity Point Wellbeing Hypnotherapy Clinic – offers clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy

Newcastle Hypnotherapy

newcastle hypnotherapy clinic

Newcastle Hypnotherapy comes first up on our list. Individuals who seek help will be offered individualized treatments that suit your needs. Sue Vandenberg takes the lead at this clinic. She has more than 30 years of experience in helping other people let go of their issues.

If you need help with phobias, addiction, and many more, Sue is here to help. Her extensive qualifications and tailored treatments help you get the results you want. She is passionate and understanding as well, so you can depend on her throughout your healing journey.


Treatments for Addiction, Phobias, Depression, and more


Address: Ground Floor, Ironworkers Centre, 161 Maitland Road, Mayfield NSW 2304
Phone: 0421 861 734


“I have always suffered from anxiety and I was feeling really anxious about the coronavirus and the social distancing situation. I saw Sue for hypnotherapy and not only did she help with the anxiety about Covid19, but the underlying anxiety has also gone too. My mind is clear and I can think calmly. I’m dealing with things so much better. I never knew hypnosis would work so well! I can definitely recommend Sue for help with anxiety. :)” – Jessica Rumble

Cameron Hypnotics

cameron hypnotic clinic in newcastle

Cameron Hypnotics is another respected hypnotherapy clinic in the capital. If you want to let go of old patterns and harmful behaviors, Brett Cameron is here to help. For over 14 years, he has been a coach and mentor to many. Additionally, he is a clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association.

Moreover, he guarantees to bring you professional and comprehensive treatments. He welcomes you into a supportive and caring space where you may heal. Truly, he is an excellent companion as you optimize your growth and life potential. If you can’t make it to his clinic, he also offers sessions via Skype and Zoom.


Treatments for Smoking, Addiction, and more


Address: 106 Bar Beach Ave, The Junction NSW 2291
Phone: 0403 335 751


“I had a 20 year-long battle with biting my nails. Brett worked closely with me to discuss and overcome the anxiety and nerves tied to my nail-biting habit. It only took one session and I can now proudly show off my nails! I remember Brett asking me “Why did you decide to make this change now?”. At the time my partner and I were talking about getting married. I was scared to be proposed without perfect nails! One month down the track after hypnosis, here are my nails AND my engagement ring!” – Sarah Hatherell

Branches Of Healing

branches of healing in newcastle

Branches Of Healing comes next on our list. This hypnotherapy clinic is lead by Lance Baker. After going through a painfully long healing process, he discovered that he did not want other people to go through what he experienced. At present, he is a Reiki Master and hypnotherapy mentor.

If you need energy healing, he is the therapist for you. He understands how your emotions can affect your body. With his help in energy healing, your stress will be reduced and your pain will be eased. Truly, he is passionate about helping people become healthier and happier.


Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing


Address: 224 Union St, Merewether NSW 2291
Phone: 0457 583 388


“I experienced a Reiki treatment with Lance and would thoroughly recommend going to him for healing. He was supportive, empathetic, and compassionate, and I felt totally safe in his space. The healing was relaxing, rejuvenating, and regenerative. Lance helped me have a breakthrough in an area of life I had been grappling with for quite some time. Thank you for your guidance, caring, and understanding Lance, I will be returning and recommending you to others.” – Michelle Oberdorf

Think Hypnotic Solutions

hypnotic solutions in newcastle

Think Hypnotic Solutions is another sought-after hypnotherapy clinic in Gold Coast. Here, you will meet Sheb, a clinical hypnotherapist and strategic psychotherapist. In addition to that, she is also an accredited exercise scientist.

She uses evidence-based intervention methods in her practice. For over 10 years, she has helped countless people with her healing. She also offers remedial massages on top of being a strength and conditioning coach. As a matter of fact, she has helped elite athletes with their pain management. If you want to feel happier and healthier in life, you can count on her help.


Hypnotherapy, Remedial Massages, and more


Address: 1/16 Bull St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300
Phone: 0423 810 056


“What an amazing experience. Sheb is amazing and has truly brought me some inner peace(finally) and help me to unload and let go of a lot of my issues which trigger anxiety and depression. After our first appointment, my anxiety levels have halved. I’m feeling stronger, more confident, and comfortable with myself and my surroundings. Thank you Sheb!
Highly recommend!!!” – Kacie Brooks

Trinity Point Wellbeing Hypnotherapy Clinic

trinity point hypnotherapy in newcastle

Lastly, Trinity Point Wellbeing Hypnotherapy Clinic completes our list. This is the clinic you must go to if you seek professional hypnotherapy and psychotherapy treatments.

Here, you will meet Tony Debono. He has an advanced diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and NLP. Truly, he has helped many clients improve the quality of their lives. People with depression, anxiety, and other conditions have come to him for help. Additionally, he offers remedial and sports massages. For a safe and natural way of healing, Tony can surely help you.


Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Remedial Massages


Address: 30 Trinity Point Dr, Morisset NSW 2264
Phone: 0414 698 415


“Tony is a true professional and gave me all of the resources I needed to break the habit of smoking for 44 years. I was particularly impressed with the helpful tips he was able to supply regarding how best to deal with the issues of withdrawal and giving up smoking. I can highly recommend Tony for anyone who wants to live a life free from being a smoker.” – Steve