Are you stuck after making your blog because your earning from that blog is zero? Now you are searching for the best method to monetize your blog.

If you are reading this post then you have a blog or you start a blog in the future. If you form any one category then don’t you will get a detailed knowledge on how to monetize your blog in 2020.

If we go for online earning sources then the best passive online earning source is blogging and so many peoples are making millions of dollars from their blog.

If you are inspired by any successful blogger and start a blog but you don’t identify which monetization method is right for you then this article has your answer.

In this post, I will explain all methods to monetize your blog easily and i guarantee you will get the best monetization platform.

We start the monetization methods from a popular platform.

Now you think how I identify this one is best for my blog and I earn a good revenue form that. For that, I explain how you choose the best monetization platform.

Identify Monetization Platform –

It’s so simple, a blog can be monetized by checking the traffic of the website. If your website is getting huge traffic but that is not targeted then you simply choose any ad network to monetize your blog.

But if your website is getting limited traffic but all are targeted then your blog is best for affiliate marketing.

As an example, if your blog niche is Whatsapp status then you get millions of traffic in a day but you cannot convert that traffic because all users came to your website to download status, so you cannot convert that so you use ad networks to monetize your blog.

Now you think so when I use affiliate marketing. Don’t worry read the below example to get a brief idea where you use affiliate links.

Now think you create a blog regarding smartphones then a user comes to your website to check the features and price of the phone. Now the intension of the user is he/she might be purchase that phone for him or her friend. Now you can paste an affiliate link on that page, if the user satisfy with that phones feture then he/she will buy that phone with your affiliate link.

Sources to Monetize Your Blog

There are so many sources available to monetize your blog but we start from display ads and it is an option where anyone can choose this.

source to monetize

1.Display ads

Display ads are the best source to monetize your blog. If your blog getting a good amount of traffic then you use this method. Now you think which ad network is best.

In my opinion, you go with two best ad network Adsense and If you start a blog then you know about AdSense which googles own ad platform for publishers. The second one is the platform of yahoo.

If we compare the earning in ad networks then you earn a good income from these two platforms because you earn for every ad impression and click. If your website has a huge amount of traffic then use ad networks otherwise go with the next one.

2.Affiliate Marketing

If you choose the first way and want to use the second one then it is possible to use both in your blog. But your website must be buyer intent then there is some conversion chance.

If we check the different companies then everyone has their own affiliate platform or product. So if your blog is in any niche then you can use affiliate marketing.

I suggest if you have an affiliate blog then go with ClickBank and amazon affiliate. If your website gives a review about hosting then you use CJ affiliate. The best part of the affiliate website is you earn 10 times more from display ads websites, I mean you convert the limited traffic into a big revenue.