Drivers get the most out of their Tesla wall charger by taking advantage of the technology that is available.

These sleek systems continue to set the benchmark for the electric vehicle (EV) industry, but there are drivers who might not be aware of why these products are front of the line.

By ticking all of the essential boxes to offer a user-friendly experience, the Tesla wall charger makes it simple for operators to generate extensive coverage without being bogged down with the technicalities.

Quick Results

The onboard charger rates that are showcased by the Tesla wall charger range tell their own story. The Model 3 offers a rate of 11kWĀ  with an added range of 75km/h. Then there are the Models S and X, with these designs using an onboard rate of 16.5kW with an added range of 80-90km/h. Whether the metric is judged on an hourly basis or per kilometre, the client will be able to enjoy a system that can be plugged in overnight before preparing the vehicle for the commute that awaits the next day. Quick results are a given with these advanced charging systems.

Leveraging Tesla Resources

There is an inherent advantage for customers who decide that the Tesla wall charger is right for them. Unlike other brands in this market, Tesla enjoys a global footprint and a range of representatives who deliver expert support and guidance on the topic. From mobile assistance to installation projects and added provisions that offer another layer of value for the investment, drivers are just one call or message away from engaging with a Tesla specialist. This is a major benefit for those that are still learning how to optimise the item for their driving needs.

Investing in the Right Type of Charger

There are different utilities available for the Tesla wall charger that are linked to the profile of vehicle and driving needs. From the Model S to the Model X and Model 3 cars respectively, the client has their pick of the level 1, level 2 and DC charger. By speaking with a local specialist, drivers can determine what works best according to their home energy consumption behaviours, their budget and what will work best for their driving habits. That degree of versatility is not always on show with competing brands, empowering the client to make a selection that is commensurate with their own requirements without being boxed into a generic choice.

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Locations

No two drivers will have the same car storage habits. While some homeowners will have the luxury of an extended garage setting, others will be fighting for space or finding themselves isolated further from the premises. This is where the Tesla wall charger continues to add value for the client, offering a system that can be installed across any range of indoor or outdoor conditions. Its durability and sleek design makes it capable of performing under a variety of conditions, giving flexibility for the customer.

Competitive Pricing

A quick scan of electric car chargers and it is easy to see why the Tesla wall charger remains as competitive an option as any on the open market. With the added inclusion of extensive warranty coverage, this is a product that provides the user with performance, longevity and consistency from one application to the next. Often the top of the range items for the EV brands can be on the dear side, but this is a product line that can be purchased without incurring a high level of debt for the privilege of utilising the technology.