A gastroenterologist is a medical practitioner that specializes in diseases that affect the gut. They will help to treat patients in any diseases that affect the gastrointestinal system including inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s disease, liver problems such as hepatitis, malignancy and benign tumours of the gut, oesophagitis and many more. These are all serious types of problems which can lead to serious health issues.

A gastroenterologist will also perform procedures such as an endoscopy, colonoscopy and biopsy. It is therefore important to have gastroenterologists available to assist those affected by these ailments and help to provide them with treatment.

There are definitely quite a few gastroenterologists available out there in Sydney, however if you want it to look for the best ones possible, you have come to the right place.

Top Rated Gastroenterologists in Sydney:

1. Dr Santosh Sanagapalli

Dr Santosh Sanagapalli
Dr Santosh Sanagapalli

Dr Santosh Sanagapalli is a gastroenterologist who is devoted to the care of his patients. His modern and dynamic practice is located in Sydney and he operates out of this establishment. He performs various procedures here, and has a subspecialty in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the oesophagus. He is definitely a good gastroenterologist to go to for your medical needs.

2. Associate Professor David van der Poorten

A/Prof David van der Poorten

Associate Professor David van der Poorten is a gastroenterologist as well as  a hepatologist at Westmead Public Hospital, and is also an associate professor in medicine at the University of Sydney. He is a highly skilled medical practitioner and has regular endoscopy visits at Westmead Public, Lakeview Private and Strathfield Private hospitals. A very good choice of gastroenterologist.

3. Dr Claire Wu

Dr Claire Wu
Dr Claire Wu

Dr Claire Wu is a skilled gastroenterologist and hepatologist who completed her endoscopic training under the renowned Professor Michael Bourke at Westmead Hospital. Dr Claire Wu is fluent in Mandarin, and is qualified and specializes in a number of medical procedures and topics.

4. Dr Darren Pavey

Dr Darren Pavey is an Interventional Endoscopist with significant experience in a clinic in the endoscopic diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal cancers. He received his qualifications from the University of Sydney, and continued his education in the United States. He is very qualified in his work and is a great gastroenterologist.

5. Dr Elke Wiseman

Dr Elke Wiseman

Dr Elke Wiseman is a gastroenterologist and a hepatologist who undertook her training at the University of Sydney. She has a vast amount of expertise especially in treating patients with inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease and screening for bowel cancer. She has the skills, qualifications and expertise that make her a great gastroenterologist and hepatologist.

These are the top 5 best gastroenterologists in Sydney, based on this rating points list, they will definitely be able to help you with your gut related medical issues guaranteed.