For some of us, the trip to the bathroom is a dreadful experience. Some deal with constipation with their bowels just like squatters – stubbornly finding comfort in the intestines and never wanting to leave the place.

Some need to go to the bathroom right away after drinking a chocolate milkshake. While some find their stomach literally in stitches as if it is the first day of their menstrual cycle. For those who struggle to go to the toilet in peace, we’ve devised a list of three of the top gastroenterologists in Victoria.

3 Best Gastroenterologists in Victoria, Australia

#1 Moonee Valley Specialist CentreAustralia Victoria gastroenterologist

Moonee Valley Specialist Centre has been providing support for over 10 years in conditions ranging from the gut and to the liver. Owned by power couple Dr Nathan Connelly and his wife Nicole Starbuck-Connelly, a renowned registered nurse.

Together, they work on providing specialised care towards each of their patients, knowing that there is a not a one size fits all approach when it comes to everyone’s immune system. MVS Centre was ignited with the intention of providing compassionate care services that work on fixing up the piping within your system, whether you have trouble with constipation, Crohn’s disease, IBS and/or other gut inflammatory conditions.

They provide an expansive range of services including, colonoscopy, bowel cancer screening to iron infusions. MVS Centre works to make sure you feel good in your insides, testing every test possible to ensure your bowels are not so foul anymore!

#2 Digestive Health CentreGastroenterologists in Australia

Digestive Health Centre is second on the list of the top gastroenterologists in Victoria, with 8 specialists providing care to each of their patients.

A special quality of this service is that they allow you to work alongside other healthcare professionals such as dietitians to psychiatrists, making sure you have a full-rounded experience.

#3 Melbourne Gut and Liver SpecialistsVictoria gastroenterologists

Last on the stool is Melbourne Gut and Liver Specialists, who are provide a patient focused approach when it comes to their services. Their professionals value trust and respect, making sure each of their patients come out of an appointment satisfied and moving along their health journey upwards.

Face your faeces, It’s never too-ilet to flush out a poor gut system.