Below is a list of the top and leading Gas Stations in Sydney. To help you find the best Gas Stations located near you in Sydney, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sydney’s Best Gas Stations:

The top-rated Gas Stations in Sydney are:

  • Caltex Woolworths – Australia’s largest fuel network
  • Costco Fuel – offers great value fuel at low prices
  • Shell – brings you the highest quality premium fuels
  • 7-Eleven Windsor – offers quality fuel with better fuel economy
  • Speedway – provides excellent unleaded fuels, diesel, and more

Caltex Woolworths

caltex gas station in sydney

First up, we have Caltex Woolworths at the top of our list. No doubt, the largest fuel network in Australia brings you high-quality fuels and services around the country. Here in Sydney, you can expect the same quality of services the Caltex brand is known for.

While you fill up your car with their top-notch fuels, you can get a meal on the go while you are at it. You will also find a great selection of lubricants and oils in their service stations. Download their app today to stay updated on their latest promos!


Unleaded Fuels, Convenience Items, Oils, Lubricants, and more


Address: 475 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016
Phone: (02) 8394 9712


“Nice staff, customer toilet, plenty of pumps and cover into the store. Reasonable range of drinks and snacks.” – Jason Lord

Costco Fuel

costo gas station in sydney

Costco Fuel is a reliable gas station here in the city.  If you are looking for great value fuels that come with the lowest possible prices in the market, head on out to the nearest Costo gas station today.

In addition to that, they are equipped with long hoses for your convenience, so that you can fill your car from either side. Moreover, they have the latest pay-at-the-pump technology that gives you a smooth refueling experience. If you need any help, their fuel attendants are more than ready to assist you always as well.


Premium Fuels, Fuel Attendants


Address: 10 Langford Dr, Marsden Park NSW 2765
Phone: (02) 9854 3700


“Most of the time Fuel prices are cheaper compared to other fuel stations nearby. Try and avoid weekends unless you are happy to wait for a half-hour in the queue. Staff is very good and helpful.” – Arpan Shah


shell gas station in sydney

Shell will always find a place on our list when it comes to gas stations. This global group of energy and petrochemical companies brings you the best in fuel solutions. Here in their gas stations in Sydney, you are sure to receive the quality services and products they are known for.

Surely, their fuels are expertly designed to protect your vehicle’s engine and to maximise its performance. Aside from premium fuels, their stations come with a comfort room, convenience store, and cash machine.


Fuels, Cash Machine, Convenience Items


Address: 387-427 Wattle Street, Kelly St, Ultimo NSW 2007
Phone: (02) 9281 4477


“Staff are always friendly and lots of specials of you a quick bite to eat and a coffee.” – Alex Avero

7-Eleven Windsor

7-eleven gas station in sydney

7-Eleven Windsor is a go-to gas station in town. Aside from their famous grab-and-go bites and beverages, 7-Eleven brings you top-quality fuel for your cars.

As a matter of fact, their fuels are made with the latest detergent additives. These significantly improve your engine’s performance and provides you with a better fuel economy. Likewise, you are in for a smoother running engine. Their special diesel also provides better protection against corrosion. In addition to that, their top-class fuels come at affordable prices. Download the 7-Eleven fuel app today for more benefits!


Fuels, Convenience Items, Fuel App


Address: 12 Hawkesbury Valley Way, Windsor NSW 2756
Phone: (02) 4577 5541


“I like their high-quality fuels. Their attendant here is extra approachable as well. Easy to talk to.” – Chazzie D.


speedway fuels in sydney

Finally, Speedway completes our list. If you are looking for top unleaded fuels, autogas, and diesel, Speedway is the gas station for you. Aside from their premium fuels, you can also avail of their professional car services here in their gas stations.

Moreover, their goal to provide the cheapest fuel you will find in Sydney. With more than 30 gas stations scattered in the city’s metropolitan area, they have the ability to provide inexpensive fuels, which in turn keeps the overall fuel market competitive and its prices down.


Fuels, Autogas, Car Services


Address: 67-69 Hawkesbury Rd, Westmead NSW 2145
Phone: (02) 9633 1206


“I usually find the good and cheapest price on fuel here.” – Vikas Khatta