When it comes to good and noble representation in the courtroom, there can be no room for error. More often than not in cases of familial disputes and legalities in particular, there is special focus on the quality of your legal representation. The stakes are higher, the tensions are higher, and the cases can go on for longer than anyone cares to admit.

As such, the necessity for high quality legal representation in the Liverpool area is paramount for having a successful outlook on the cases at hand.

3 Best Family Lawyers in Liverpool

#1 Opal LegalLawyers Liverpool family law

Opal Legal has all bases covered when it comes to family law in the Liverpool area. Serving the whole city but officed in Liverpool, the whole team of legal experts have a tenacious and considered approach for their clients.

Having a focus on the compassion and understanding end of the legal spectrum, the team at Opal Leal have taken on 100’s of cases pertaining to all aspects of familial law to roaring success.

Being a more boutique firm, clients feel a more personalised touch is given to them, and their free consultation is always a bonus.

#2 Blunden & MontgomeryLiverpool family law firm

Blunden & Montgomery are a well-established law practice operating out of the Liverpool area. Their simple and elegant approach to their cases, an affordable and approachable office, and their testimonial record speaks volumes.

The firm has a long and storied history, being in the business for over 84 years, calling them foundational would be a disservice. Throughout this time, they’ve managed to adapt to changing tides and update their service more and more. Their familial law record is off the charts and their client service cannot be overstated.

#3 Mark Brown LawyersFamily lawyers in Liverpool

Mark Brown Lawyers have been in the Liverpool area since 1988 and have been effectively helmed by Mark Brown. Being approachable, affordable and very clear-cut in intention, Mark Brown Lawyers have an unbeatable methodology.

The services offered and their record in terms of familial law cases cannot be denied, Mark himself is a member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council Of Australia.