There is always a need to have some legal backup when times get tough, professionals at the height of their field who can represent you in a legal sense in the more trying times of your life. For familial law, there is no exception, the often high-stakes cases that fall into this jurisdiction should be accompanied by the best legal representation you are able to find.

Dealing with matters relating to divorce, custody, assets, mediation, death, and wills – these lawyers are the backbone of familial legislation and should never be taken lightly. For residents in Campbelltown, these three firms should be the ones you call when you’re stuck and need the best legal advice.

These are the top 3 family lawyers in Campbelltown.

3 Best Family Lawyers in Campbelltown

#1 Gryphon LawyersLawyers in family law Campbelltown

Gryphon Family Lawyers are a prestigious and worthwhile law firm based in the Campbelltown area and have been pillars of the community for several years. They have a strong moral ethic when they approach cases and have a penchant for keeping the emotionally charged moments a little less intrusive. This stems from years of experience in all facets of family law and representation.

A focus on the relationship building, coupled with specialised training and experience in the field and community makes Gryphon tough to beat.

#2 MarsdensCampbelltown law firm family lawyers

Marsdens have a good and honourable reputation when it comes to family law representation, being accredited ‘Family Law Experts’, this firm is comprised of some of the sharpest minds working in familial law today.

They have a strong focus on familial disputes and resolutions, with a consistent moral focus on ensuring their clients are fulfilled and satisfied with the cases at hand. With a varied and experienced team of associates and solicitors, Marsdens is certainly one of the top-tier choices.

#3 Dignan & HanrahanFamily lawyers Campbelltown firm

The firm of Dignan and Hanrahan round out the list well with a long history and heavy ties to the local area, since 1968 in fact. The social standing in the community aside, they are comprised of some extremely talented solicitors with their own cultivated specialty and focus in the facets of family law.

Being up to date and assured of the changes in laws is also a massive help for their image and reputation.