Brows are meant to wow a crowd, shocking people who have eyebrows thicker than water. Even though your microblading procedure might have gone successfully, it can easily go away in jiffy.

In one fell swoop, you could be left with washed out eyebrows if you don’t provide the right care post-treatment. It is highly important to have a good plan to prevent the worst case scenario for your eyebrows.

For those looking to have their brows on fleek and in the perfect shape possible, here are the top 3 best eyebrow microblading aftercare provider in Australia.

3 Best Eyebrow Microblading Aftercare Suppliers in Australia

#1 Dry BrowsAustralia supplier of eyebrow microblading aftercare

Dry Brows is the finest microblading after care solutions Australia has to offer. Unlike other post-treatment products, Dry Brows doesn’t have any other chemicals added, allowing your eyebrows to remain unkept and as the title says full dry.

Their waterproof covers make sure your eyebrows reach optimal stages of healing, living proof that you don’t need much topical products to have the best frames for your eyes.

This is a minimal, convenient, and affordable solution for women looking to shower in peace, without your eyebrows smudging off from the water. Keep your brows at the boldest it has ever been with Dry Brows at your side.

#2 Oh My BrowAftercare eyebrow microblading Australia

Oh My Brow is second on the list, providing all-encompassing treatments for all things eyebrows. In addition to their microblading services, they also offer an aftercare product from Brow Bross called, GLOSS BOSS.

This gel works to secure and rejuvenate skin that has recently been tattooed, including a brow microblading session. It is packed with highly important antioxidants and vitamins, giving your skin a good boost post-treatment.

#3 Osome BrowsAustralia microblading aftercare suppliers

Last of all is Osome Brows, offering aftercare products to use straight from their microblading session. They offer Skin Candy products, a replenishing gel that works to aide the skin as it goes through the healing process from the cosmetic tattoo.

This balm works to speed up recovery rates, giving you brows on fleek in no time.