Anyone who runs a business will know that organised, accurate planning is essential for success. While very small businesses might be able to run things a little more loosely, any business that wants serious growth (and the profits that come with it) needs to spend some time developing an organisational system that allows for business functions to be performed as efficiently as possible.

Of course, computers have proven instrumental in turning modern businesses into efficient powerhouses. One of the most successful and widespread implementations of computers for business comes in the form of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Put simply, ERP software solutions integrate various business functions into a comprehensive, streamlined system from which everything can be viewed and optimised, often in real-time.

Top Rated ERP Software Solutions

The following will list our picks for the 5 best ERP software solutions in Australia.

1. Accentis Enterprise 

Based in Queensland, Accentis is an Australian company with over 20 years of experience providing enterprise management solutions. The ERP software solution provided by Accentis is designed to help SMBs (small-to-medium sized businesses) by giving them an integrated system that eliminates the need for multiple products.

This ERP software solution constitutes a powerful business tool that delivers everything an SMB could need, including accounting, sales, payroll, manufacturing, and much more. This software has been leveraged by many businesses across industries primarily focused on wholesaling, warehousing, and manufacturing.


Located in New South Wales, SYSPRO is one of the leaders in ERP software solutions for both Australia and New Zealand. SYSPRO ERP software gives businesses a full view of their activities and is focused on the distribution and manufacturing sectors with its advanced financial, warehouse, inventory management and supply chain functionality.

3. Pronto Xi

Pronto is an Australia software developer based in Victoria that is responsible for developing Pronto Xi, an ERP software solution that integrates operational, accounting, and mobile features into one unified system. Pronto Xi delivers advanced data insights that allow businesses to make highly informed decisions.

4. SAP Business One

Business One is an ERP software solution developed by SAP. It enables businesses to take control and harness the power of advanced management software that streamlines their work processes and allows them to get a greater level of insight into the business.

5. The Business

Created by Canberra-based startup Aladyn Tech Consulting, Business ERP is focused on improving the efficiency of any business with the use of a flexible, modular system that organises business operations neatly on an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Using Business ERP, any organisation can streamline and optimise their business functions to save money and deliver better results to its customers and stakeholders.

The modules available on Business ERP cover everything from general accounting to CRM, risk management, project management, customer debt management, sales order, cloud-based point of sale, and much more. The software interface is simple, intuitive, and visually-pleasing, making extended usage a hassle-free and pleasant experience for business managers.

Business ERP also makes it easy to visualise business data to make more informed decisions, with a ready to plug-in feature for Microsoft’s PowerBI, as well as Holistics cloud BI. Tech Consulting also offers a free demo of Business ERP so businesses can see if it’s right for them.