Below is a list of the top and leading Electricity Companies in Perth. To help you find the best Electricity Companies located near you in Perth, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Perth’s Best Electricity Companies:

The top-rated Electricity Companies in Perth are:

  • Infinite Energy – offers business electricity to commercial customers in Perth
  • Blue Star Energy – offers savings plans that are relevant to your business needs
  • Carbon Energy – provides comprehensive solutions to reduce your energy costs
  • Australian Energy Market Operator – helps you manage electricity and gas systems
  • Horizon Power – a State Government-owned and commercially focused corporation

Infinite Energy

infinite energy in perth

Infinite Energy provides business electricity to its commercial customers in Perth. They also cater to those in the South West of Western Australia. The company offers a top-notch alternative for your needed electricity supply.

Clients have solar and gas packages options to choose from as well. They offer a tariff structure that you can tailor to suit your business’ needs. They also have flexible rates. With their consultative approach, they help you understand how your business uses energy. From there, they recommend integrated solutions that you will benefit from. In addition to that, they have solar panel installation services. Check out their website for more reasons as to why you should choose them!


Electricity Supply, Gas and Solar Packages


Address: Suite 3, Level 3/85 S Perth Esplanade, South Perth WA 6151
Phone: 1300 074 669


“Have contacted Infinite Energy with two small issues on our system over the last two months and both times they’ve provided prompt solutions with great communication. Fantastic service” – Chris

Blue Star Energy

blue star energy in perth

Blue Star Energy is a highly recommended electricity provider in the capital. The company offers electricity and solar power that your businesses will need. Their staff takes the time to understand your energy needs and offers top-notch savings plans.

If you want to switch to Blue Star, it will be a hassle-free process. This is because they will do the work for you.  Their team of experts will design tariffs that will suit your business’ needs. They also work with you to help you bring down your electricity expenses. Switch now and avail of their complimentary rewards card!


Electricity and Solar Power, Rewards Card


Address: Suite 3/85 S Perth Esplanade, South Perth WA 6151
Phone: 1300 886 106


“Highly recommended electricity provider in Perth WA. Covers both solar power and electricity for businesses in Perth.” – Kevin Wheeler

Carbon Energy

carbon energy in perth

Carbon Energy gives you comprehensive solutions to reduce the energy costs of your business. Clients can save up to 48% of their electricity bills with their help. Truly, you can count on them as they are Perth’s largest energy brokers.

The tendering process they offer is fast and efficient. They work in a comprehensive manner as well. This ensures that you get maximum savings at minimum risks. You will no longer need to deal with many energy suppliers any more. This is because you can leave the energy evaluation and analysis needed to their expert team.


Gas, Electricity, and Solar Tenders


Address: Suite 1/U16/28 Belmont Ave, Rivervale WA 6103
Phone: (08) 6460 1613


“We get access to Perth electricity companies that we never heard before and they have done an efficient and easy job for us.” – Idex Australia

Australian Energy Market Operator

aemo electricity company in perth

Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) also makes the list. They help shape the energy future for the whole country. They help Australians manage their gas and electricity systems in the best way possible.

Their work includes the operation of the systems in charge of energy generation. They also make sure energy is properly transmitted and distributed. Their team of experts ensures that their clients have reliable energy sources at all times. In addition to that, they operate the gas transmission system in Victoria. They also take charge of Australia’s electricity and gas markets.


Electricity and Gas Systems Design and Management


Address: 45/152 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Phone: (08) 9469 9800


“Great place to work at!” – Gabriel N. L.

Horizon Power

horizon power in perth

Horizon Power secures the last spot on the list. It is owned by the state government. As a commercially focused corporation, it provides reliable and safe electricity to different parts of Western Australia.

At present, it estimated that they cater to 100,000 residents and 10,000 businesses. They maintain two rural systems and three systems in the Eat Kimberely. The methods they use for electricity generation depends on their interconnected systems. They also utilize renewable forms of energy. Most mainstream towns are provided with gas while smaller communities are supplied with diesel supplies.


Energy Generation, Gas, Diesel, Solar Energy Equipment


Address: 18 Brodie-Hall Dr, Bentley WA 6102
Phone: 1800 267 926


“Horizon Power’s team is easy to work with. They are professionals who deliver. I highly recommend this company.” – D. R.