Below is a list of the top and leading Doggy Day Care Centers in Brisbane. To help you find the best Doggy Day Care Centers located near you in Brisbane, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Brisbane’s Best Doggy Day Care Centers:

The top-rated Doggy Day Care Centers in Brisbane are:

  • Houndog Daycare – masters in dog behavior and dog body language
  • Doggy Day Care Brisbane – the go-to place for all things doggo
  • Mr. Teddy Bear – offers a wide array of grooming and dog care services
  • K9Kids Doggy Day Care – provides a safe and stimulating sanctuary for dogs
  • Wolfhouse Dog Day Care – so much more than the current standard for dog daycare

Houndog Daycare

hounddog services in brisbane

Houndog Daycare comes at the top of our list. This family-run business has been operating successfully for the past 13 years. Run by Angela and Leah O’Meara, these twin sisters are the best masters in dog behavior and body language in the city.

Your dogs will surely love the activities set out for them here. The facility’s adventure park is truly world-class. It has an Olympic size sand arena, a private swimming area, and a top-notch agility course. This is truly the best place if your furry friends enjoy the great outdoors.


Sand Arena, Swimming Areas, Mental Stimulation Activities, and more


Address: 257 Rickertt Rd, Ransome QLD 4154
Phone: (07) 3823 5781


“I left my 8mth old Jack Russell here, his first time away from home, the girls love all the animals and treat them with so much love. I was updated with photos daily and he was having a blast. He is also a better-behaved dog for staying there. This place is worth every dollar and I will definitely be using them again. “Dodge” gives them 5 paws 🐾” – Lynne Phillips

Doggy Day Care Brisbane

doggydaycare in brisbane

Doggy Day Care Brisbane is another popular spot for your dogs in the city. It is conveniently located in the West End of the capital. Established in 2018, this has gradually become to number one go-to place for all things that your dog will want and need.

Truly, this is will be your dog’s favorite backyard – second to yours, that is. The staff you will meet there have many years of experience in working with dogs. They assure you that they have a deep understanding of dog behavior and will be able to expertly handle your dogs.


Doggy Day Care, Dog Grooming, Puppy School, and more


Address: 8 Mollison St, South Brisbane QLD 4101
Phone: 0408 024 928


“Our labradoodle Lottie attended puppy preschool here which was very informative and organized. Lottie also attends doggy daycare each week and absolutely loves hanging out with the other doggies, Kaz and her staff. She is always happy and tired after daycare and Kaz and her staff is always happy to give feedback to help with training and socialization. Can’t recommend this place enough for social development, good manners and sound temperament!” – Monica Trojanowski

Mr. Teddy Bear

mr. teddy bear doggy day care in brisbane

Mr. Teddy Bear is a well-known doggy daycare center in Brisbane. Your dogs will be segregated according to their size and age, under the staff’s care. Surely, this is one of the leading doggy parlors and doggy daycares in the region.

This center is headed by Sisi Tang, its owner and founder. In fact, Sisi is a multi-awarded groomer with international training. Leaving a career as an accountant, she immersed herself in the business of taking care of dogs. You can see from the quality of the services that she has excellently honed her skills and has become one of the top dog groomers in the country.


Dog and Cat Grooming, Day Care, Dog Boarding


Address: 22 Brookes St, Bowen Hills QLD 4006
Phone: 0413 307 023


“My friend recommended this place to me as my groomer has recently retired. I am so happy with the haircut and the staff is super friendly and professional. My dog had some matting and the staff contacted me and explained to me that coat length had to be shorter than I preferred which I totally understand. The communication was great! Very positive experience!” – Bruce Beckman

K9Kids Doggy Day Care

k9kids doggy day care in brisbane

K9Kids Doggy Day Care is a sought-after doggy daycare center too. Here, your dog will thrive in a 1,300 square meter facility. This is a place where dogs of all sizes and ages can find a stimulating sanctuary.

There are five sectioned-off play areas in the daycare center. This is for the staff to carefully segregate their dogs according to sizes and temperaments together. Each play area has high-quality tunnels, ramps, and toys. All of their staff members are highly skilled and trained in handling and entertaining your dogs while you are away.


Doggy Day Care, Puppy School, Recuperative Care


Address: 769 Fairfield Rd, Yeerongpilly QLD 4105
Phone: (07) 3848 0852


“I trust Jenny and Scott, the owners of K9Kids Doggy Day Care, with my two pups, which says a lot. My dogs have been going there for three years now and I can go to work knowing they will be looked after, socialized with other dogs, and come home having been stimulated throughout the day. The dogs themselves love going to daycare. Highly recommended.” – Christopher Andrews

Wolfhouse Dog Day Care

wolfhouse doggy day care in brisbane

Finally, we have Wolfhouse Dog Day Care to complete our list. This place sets the standard when it comes to first-class daycare and dog training. Their approach is unique and diverse in comparison to its competitors. Come here if you want your dogs to enjoy a play area that is full of adventure in all of its 1000 sq. meter area.

Moreover, their staff caters to all dogs of different social skills and personality types. They provide the additional support your dogs need in order to become the dog they are set out to be. Truly, this is a safe space for all of them.


Day Care, Training, Off-Campus Education, and more


Address: 2/31 Harvey St N, Eagle Farm QLD 4009
Phone: 0435 221 558


“We have been taking our dog there for 3 months now twice a week, she is always so excited when we drop her off in the morning. The trainers give you a full rundown of the day with everything they have done from climbing, swimming, obstacle course, smelling, playing. They always post a video and photos each day which is lovely to watch. Would highly recommend for dog lovers.” -Michael Moore