Below is a list of the top and leading Dietitians in Melbourne. To help you find the best Dietitians located near you in Melbourne, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Melbourne’s Best Dietitians:

The top-rated Dietitians in Melbourne are:

  • Dr. Antigone Kouris – uses a holistic approach to improve people’s wellness
  • Damian Green – combines his love for sports and nutrition in his services
  • Anca Vereen – a lifestyle and longevity consultant
  • Mark Surdut – an accredited practicing dietitian and nutritionist
  • Jaci Barrett – a working clinical dietitian in various metropolitan hospitals

Dr. Antigone Kouris

dr kuoris, dietician in melbourne

Dr. Antigone Kouris comes first up on our list. She is a clinical dietitian that has over 30 years of experience. She helps her patients using a holistic approach that focuses on improving their overall wellness.

Her expertise lies in weight loss, stomach disorders, vegetarianism, and many more. She is also well known for her medical nutrition and diet therapy. She offers shakes, diet cookies, and carb-controlled meals that are ready to be purchased. Be sure to set an appointment first before going to her clinic.


Medical Nutrition, Diet Therapy, and more


Address: Suite 22/488 Neerim Rd, Murrumbeena VIC 3163
Phone: (03) 9483 7013


“Dr. Kouris is the first Dietitian I have visited and I have found the experience very beneficial. She provides practical guidance and real-life strategies that make weight loss attainable. Her Skinnybiks have been instrumental in assisting with weight loss. A great low-calorie tasty snack that assists with hunger cravings.” – Jim Koutsoukos

Damian Green

dr. green, dietician in melbourne

Damian Green works in Nutrition Melbourne. Before completing a Masters Degree in Nutrition, he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Food Science. He has worked with a number of hospitals, GP clinics, and community health centers.

As a specialist nutritionist, he helps you get real results. He helps you avoid costly mistakes and accelerates your progress toward your personal health goals. Along with his colleagues, he will help you build your nutrition knowledge by learning from the experts. Check out the website of his clinic today!


Telehealth Programs, Online Programs, Body Scans


Address: 4 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 0404 502 666


“Nutrition Melbourne truly provided me with an understanding of good food practices and being able to meet my personal goals. Damian is an individual who personalizes the overall experience and is consistent and committed. He has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and also helped me meet various fitness goals. As a result, I did my first Half Marathon and continue to remain fit with a positive outlook. Making the start is always difficult. Damian Many Thanks” – Dianne

Anca Vereen

dr vereen, dietician in melbourne

Anca Vereen is a well-known lifestyle and longevity consultant in the capital. She is an accredited practicing dietitian and nutritionist. In addition to that, she is a counselor, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. On top of that, she is a lecturer at Latrobe University on nutrigenomics.

At her specialist weight loss clinic, she helps you make a difference. Together with other experts, they help create functional lifestyles that bring about change in your overall well-being. They also make use of a holistic approach that will bring you lasting results.


Weight Loss Treatments, Gut Health, and more


Address: 53 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Phone: 01300 787 411


“From day ONE Anca amazed me with her knowledge, passion, and genuine care to help me reach my goals. This incredibly intelligent woman provides more than just a meal plan. She has provided me with education, counseling, referrals to top-quality professionals, high-quality supplements and products, a shoulder to cry on, and the bare truth when I needed to hear it. She has shown me just how important nutrition is for every aspect of my well being and how resilient the human body can be once equipped with the right tools. If you are scrolling through reviews looking to make not only a change but the right changes, Anca is the person you are looking for.” – Lacey Hector

Mark Surdut

surdut, dietician in melbourne

Mark Surdut is an accredited practicing dietitian and nutritionist in The Nutritionist. He is also a member of Dietitians Australia. In addition to that, he is a consulting dietitian to a number of professional organizations.

Moreover, he has been featured on various national TV shows. He also contributes to a wide range of publications. On an international level, he has presented in institutions such as the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Truly, you can rely on his world-class expertise and services.


Consultancy, Weight Loss Programs, and more


Address: Consulting online and, suite 1/139 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161
Phone: 0404 043 563


“Mark’s professionalism and years of expertise shown through in our sessions spanning over a year. I often recommend him without hesitation to friends and family wishing to embrace food as medicine, seek further clinically based knowledge on meal plans before commencement, or simply develop a healthier, positive relationship with food. Thank you for making me a happier healthier me!” – Georgie Rash

Jaci Barrett

Dr. Barret, dietician in melbourne

Jaci Barrett completes our list.  She graduated in 2001 with a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. After this, she spent five years in various Melbourne hospitals as a clinical dietitian. In addition to that, she also worked in the UK for 12 months.

Along with her team of experts, she can provide you with specialist dietitians services. This may even be done via Skype. She brings the latest research in her field into her work. She specializes in a number of conditions but is well-known for her treatments in managing gastrointestinal disorders.


Online Consultations, Treatments for Gastrointestinal Disorders, and more


Address: Shop 1/108 Glen Iris Rd, Glen Iris VIC 3146
Phone: 01300 422 498


“Great training and race day nutrition planning/advice from Michelle for triathlons and HIMs. An enormous help to establish gut issues I was having with various gels and then find suitable ones for me. Highly recommend” – Andrew Kantor