Below is a list of the top and leading Copywriters in Brisbane. To help you find the best Copywriters located near you in Brisbane, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Brisbane’s Best Copywriters:

The top-rated Copywriters in Brisbane are:

  • The Creative Writer – helps you attract long-term consumers for your business
  • Craft My Content – offers recruitment campaign communication content
  • Joshua Maher – ensures your business will become successful
  • Angela Rodgers – helps attract and convert more clients for you
  • Toni Wells – helps you create brand awareness using proven strategies

The Creative Writer

the creative writer in brisbane

First up, we have The Creative Writer at the top of our list. This business is led by renowned creative writer, Murray Barnett. If you need excellent content that will attract long-term consumers of your business, he is a top-notch copywriter that you can call.

His comprehensive range of services includes web pages, blog posts, social media content, and e-mail campaigns. He goes the extra mile in ensuring you receive only exceptional customer service. Get in touch with him today!


Web Pages, Social Media Content, E-mail Campaigns


Address: Anzac Square Arcade, Suite 508 12B, 198 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: 0400 328 187


“Murray Barnett continues to excel as a Creative Writer. I have watched with great pride and admiration over many years as he continues to exceed and reach higher and higher heights seemingly with ease. His professionalism and integrity are matchless. The personal attention provided to all his clients along with his acute listening skills allows Murray to repeatedly produce exactly what you need. Don’t miss the opportunity to avail yourself and your friends of his excellent services.” – James Stoudamire

Craft My Content

craft my content in brisbane

Craft My Content is a well-known copywriting service in the city. Here, you will meet highly experienced and skilled copywriter Kelly Stone. If you are in need of eye-catching and vibrant content for your recruitment needs or business, she is an excellent copywriter you can count on.

Numerous employers in Brisbane call on her to write recruitment campaign communication content. Truly, her services give your agency a powerful brand that will attract future employees. She is also known for her corporate blogs and onboarding e-mailing services.


Recruitment Content Writing, Corporate Blogs, Onboarding E-mails, and more


Phone: 0412 334 574


“Kelly is the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with. She’s always on point, very professional, empathetic, and has a great sense of humour. Her articles received great feedback and resulted in several new leads. I can’t thank her enough for her amazing work.” – D. Na

Joshua Maher

joshua maher copywriter in brisbane

Joshua Maher comes next on our list. This high-converting copywriter in the city goes above and beyond in ensuring your business will become successful. If you own a small business and need that extra push to stand out from your competitors, you should have Joshua Maher on your team.

His expertise includes optimising your company’s website in order to increase your revenue and profits. He also has a wealth of experience when it comes to digital marketing.  Call him today to get started!


Landing Pages, Sales Letters, E-mail Sequences, and more


Address: 88 Doggett St, Newstead QLD 4006
Phone: 0427 375 246


“Joshua was great to deal with. We are extremely happy with the work he has done for our business.” – Bertie Walker

Angela Rodgers

angela rodgers copywriter in brisbane

Angela Rodgers is a top-rated copywriter in Brisbane. She is another outstanding copywriter that will help you attract and convert more clients. She is known for her top-quality SEO content writing and website writing services.

If you are working on a small-medium brand, Angela has the solutions you need. She also has experience writing content for those involved in software, engineering, HR, trades, and more. Truly, she is the one to call for complex and technical copywriting services. For a copywriter that understands your audience, send Angela a message today!


B2B Website Copywriting, SEO Content Writing


Address: 61 Norfolk Dr, Burpengary East QLD 4505
Phone: 0457 300 565


“If you’re thinking of engaging Angela to write some copy for you, do it. In the 17 years I’ve been running Divine Write, I’ve worked with dozens of copywriters, and reviewed the portfolios of hundreds more, and she’s honestly one of the best I’ve ever encountered, anywhere in the world. Writing skills, attitude, project management, brain, the whole package. She will amaze and delight you. 10/10.” – Glenn Murray

Toni Wells

toni wells copywriter in brisbane

Finally, Toni Wells completes our list. If you need that extra push to generate more online traffic towards your website, highly experienced copywriter Toni Wells offers an extensive range of services for you. These include business blogs, brochure copywriting, website copywriting, and the like.

With her help, you will be able to create a better brand for your business in no time. So far, she has worked for clients involved in the medical, film, wedding, and finance industries. In addition to that, she also offers copywriting workshops.


Direct Mail Copywriting, Business Blogs, Brochure Copywriting, and more


Address: 61 Huntingdale St, Leichhardt QLD 4305
Phone: 0431 582 340


“I’m a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Toni was excellent to work with and really helped me niche my services for my new website. She really did her research and wove the two bits of my business together really well. I would highly recommend working with Toni for your small business copywriting needs.” – Vanessa Bertagnole