Compounding pharmacies have immense utility in the wider community due to their inherent benefits for those in the community that aren’t able to take the standardised doses of traditional medicines. Their popularity being on the steady rise is also a hefty indicator that their utility is being recognised in the wider community and showing no signs of slowing down.

In the age of sensitivities and allergens being rampant throughout the community, there’s a responsibility for science to circumvent unnecessary suffering. Compound pharmacies take out the annoyances of everyday pharmaceuticals and are appropriate for those with particular allergens, fussy kids, or those who need a weaker dose of medication who are unable to find it otherwise.

3 Best Compounding Pharmacies in Melbourne

#1 PharmacySmartPharmacies compounding Melbourne

PharmacySmart are the cream of the crop when it comes to compounding in the city of Melbourne. Their access to the highest quality medicines at the best possible prices are reasons enough for their inclusion. Their team of experts have collective experience in all matters of the field and give extremely potent advice from patient to patient.

Their relationship standing with established physicians has a lot going for it as well, with multiple locations and excellent testimonial ratings, they’re the ones to beat.

#2 Nova PharmacyMelbourne compounding pharmacy

Nova Pharmacy have their foot in both sides of the scientific equation. They have their philosophy and mission rooted in eastern health and wellbeing traditions as well as traditional western medicinal updates, bringing the best of both worlds into a singular entity.

Their unique focus and adamance in keeping themselves educated in both realms is a massive boost for their reputation and their coverage in terms of medicines is above the call of duty.

#3 Clayton Central PharmacyMelbourne best compounding pharmacies

Clayton Central Pharmacy rounds out the list with an impressive range of alternative medicines in conjunction with their pristine compounding pharmacy offerings. They have a smaller impact than the others on the list, but their determination to be a little different is what gets them over the line.

Keeping up with the trends and offering a full-mobile option of fulfilling prescriptions certainly takes the cake.