Below is a list of the top and leading Churches in Brisbane. To help you find the best Churches located near you in Brisbane, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Brisbane’s Best Churches:

The top-rated Churches in Brisbane are:

  • Cathedral of St Stephen – represents the heart of the Archdiocese
  • Saint John’s Cathedral – the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane
  • City Tabernacle Baptist Church – has been witness to God’s power and saving grace for more than 160 years
  • All Saints Anglican Church – welcomes worshippers of all ages and backgrounds
  • Ann Street Presbyterian Church – has had a ministry for more than 150 years

Cathedral of St Stephen

The Cathedral of St Stephen in Brisbane

First up, we have Cathedral of St Stephen at the top of our list. The church’s architecture, which is Gothic Revival in style, was designed by Architect Benjamin Backhouse. It first opened its doors to the public in 1989. This heritage-listed cathedral is also the seat of the archbishop of Queensland, Brisbane.

Not only that, it represents the soul of Brisbane City and the heart of the Archdiocese. Here, you participate in a number of ministries such as their young adult ministry, liturgical ministries, and more.


Regular Sunday Services, Baptisms, Weddings, Community Programs, and more


Address: 249 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3324 3030


“The grounds are peaceful and well kept. After 5pm mass the lights are turned on in the cathedral and it gives this undescrible vibe through the stained glass windows. Even against the newer buildings the catherdral resonates strength against adversity.” – Kalam Siona

Saint John’s Cathedral

St John's Cathedral in Brisbane

Saint John’s Cathedral is a welcoming church in Brisbane. Dedicated to St John the Evangelist, this is the metropolitan cathedral of the ecclesiastical province of Queensland. At the same time, it is the cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. Its architect, John Loughborough Pearson, made use of Gothic Revival architecture in designing the church.

You will be welcomed into a community that is dedicated to bringing out the best of Anglican tradition. You can browse through their website to see their schedules for their morning prayers, evening prayers, and Holy Eucharist.


Liturgical Services, Live Streaming, Podcast, and more


Address: 373 Ann St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3835 2222


“Wow, what a beautiful state of the art building. Super quiet and peaceful place.” – Waqas Janjua

City Tabernacle Baptist Church

City Tabernacle Baptist Church in Brisbane

City Tabernacle Baptist Church comes next on our list. You can find this well-known heritage-listed church located in Queensland. Its architect, Richard Gailey, made use of classical architecture in designing the church. It was then designated as a world heritage site on October 21, 1992. For more than 160 years, locals have been gathering here to witness the grace and saving power of our Lord.

Aside from live Holy Eucharist celebrations in the church, you can also take part in their online church service. In addition to that, the church community also hosts an array of weekly events. These include faith lessons, youth groups, morning worship services, and evening prayer services.


Liturgical Services, Online Church Services, Weekly Events, and more


Address: 163 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4000, Australia
Phone: (07) 3831 1613


“Great acoustics!!, beautiful big windows that really brighten the whole area, it is also air-conditioned for excellent comfort all year round. Lovely high ceilings make it feel very bright, fresh and spacious. It also has a swimming pool inside which is small, but would be lovely to wade in during summer.” – Doni Wolfenstein

All Saints Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church in Brisbane

All Saints Anglican Church is a well-known and must-visit church. You can find this heritage-listed church in the city of Brisbane, specifically in Spring Hill. It was first founded in 1862. Its construction was then completed in 1869. This makes it the oldest Anglican church here in Brisbane. It was designed by a renowned architect, Benjamin Backhouse, following Gothic Revival architecture.

Moreover, this church welcomes all worshippers regardless of age and background. Here, you can also join in groups where you can pray and study the Words of God together.


Liturgical Services, Donation Drives, Study Groups, and more


Address: Ann & Wickham, 25 Wickham Terrace Cnr Wharf, Spring Hill QLD 4004
Phone: (07) 3236 3692


“A beautiful piece of Brisbane History. If you need a peaceful place to think and pray. Then pay this little church a visit .” – E R

Ann Street Presbyterian Church

Ann Street Presbyterian Church in Brisbane

Finally, Ann Street Presbyterian Church completes our list. This heritage-listed church is located in Queensland, Brisbane. Its construction, led by Joshua Jeays, commenced on 1858. Its design was then altered and extended by Alexander Brown Wilson until 1897. Further extensions were added by Douglas Francis Woodcraft Roberts in 1936. Finally, it was designated as a world heritage site on October 21, 1992.

For more than 150 years, this church has been a welcoming place of worship for all. You can join in their in-person services or online church services as well.


Liturgical Services, Online Church Services, and more


Address: 141 Ann St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Phone: (07) 3225 0301


“We felt at home immediately. Wonderfully welcoming, spiritually challenging and demographically diverse. Excellent sermons and many opportunities for spiritual growth.” – Sally Stoecker