With the rise of people working at their desks from 9-5, more office employees are finding themselves harboring back problems. Don’t know how to get your back, back? A chiropractor may just be the answer for you!

A chiropractic professional works on relieving any pain or tension you may have in your body, treating a range of issues spanning from sports related injuries, spine conditions, and much more.

With all the intensive treatments included, these experts are the perfect solution for anyone dealing with problems with their joints. This is a list of the 3 best Chiropractors in Northwest.

3 Best Chiropractors in Norwest

#1 Aurum Health CareChiropractors in Norwest

Aurum Health Care offers a chiropractic service that is second to none from its competitors. Lasting for more than a decade, their chiropractors are highly experienced and knowledgeable to relieve any ailment you have harboring in your body.

Dr. Paul Lee and Dr. Vivien Voon team up to provide the finest service in chiropractic care, with their advanced degrees and doctorates to add to their experience. They look at the root of the issue, giving you an individual assessment on your medical history and lifestyle habits.

They offer an abundance of different treatments ranging from electro therapy, dry needling, adjustments, supporting the nervous system to the spine. This practice places its utmost priority on their customers, attending to their needs in order to give them the most suitable treatment for their particular circumstance.

#2 Body Care Health & ChiropracticNorwest chiropractor

Body Care Health & Chiropractic is runner up on the list of the top three chiropractors in Northwest. After owner Dr Felicity, injured both of her wrists and headaches, she recovered by receiving chiropractic care.

Her own personal experience led to her desire to work in the field, giving back.Β  She offers many techniques for treatment ranging from dry needling to the Sacro-occipital method.

#3 Gentle Care ChiropracticNorwest Sydney chiropractor

Last on the list is Gentle Care Chiropractic, a clinic centered on fixing muscular skeletal issues. Owner Dr Bryan Hornby led to becoming a chiropractor himself after receiving many injuries from skateboarding.

The experience switched from him letting of his Business degree and getting into the field of Chiropractic.