Below is a list of the top and leading Chiropractic Clinics in Brisbane. To help you find the best Chiropractic Clinics located near you in Brisbane, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Brisbane’s Best Chiropractic Clinics:

The top-rated Chiropractic Clinics in Brisbane are:

  • Scope Chiropractic – helps you get back to what you love doing
  • Bayside Health Professionals – restores your health naturally
  • Back To Front Chiropractic – offers outstanding chiropractic care
  • Brisbane Chiropractic Centre – provides evidence-based treatments
  • Vitalign Chiropractic – provides the highest standards of medical care

Scope Chiropractic

scope chiropractic in brisbane

First up, we have Scope Chiropractic at the top of our list. If you are struggling with persistent pain and injury, this is the top-notch chiropractic clinic that will help you get back to what you love doing.

Moreover, these professionals make use of evidence-based care that will help you get lasting results. They start by giving you a clear and accurate diagnosis paired with a plan of action that will kickstart your journey to recovery. For the best effective hands-on treatments for your pain, book an appointment here today!


Sports Chiropractic, Strength and Rehabilitation Treatments, Pediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic Services


Address: 5 Gray St, Ipswich QLD 4305
Phone: (07) 3844 1778


“Dan is fantastic at his job, I came in with my first big injury. I was scared, he was very kind and encouraging. I think he is just as motivated to get me back fighting fit as I am. He doesn’t just look after your physical fitness, he makes sure he understands you mentally. Can not recommend him enough. You won’t be disappointed.” – Sarah-Jane Finlayson

Bayside Health Professionals

bayside health professionals in brisbane

Bayside Health Professionals is a trusted clinic in the region. They truly believe that everyone’s greatest wealth is their health. This is why this world-class clinic provides an individualized and holistic approach to healthcare.

Moreover, this family-owned chiropractic clinic has been serving the community for more than 16 years now. Here, you will meet highly experienced and skilled chiropractors who provide general health and well-being support.  Additionally, they bring you excellent musculoskeletal care. Check out their website to learn more about their services!


Chiropractic Treatments, Remedial Massages, Body Work Therapies


Address: The Hub, Suite 4, Level 1, 2 Loraine St, Capalaba QLD 4157
Phone: (07) 3245 4177


“Ben and Harry are the best Chiro’s I have ever been to. The aim to cure your issue, not string you along, like some others I have been to over the years. They incorporate multiple techniques, including massage and stretching, and offer stretching exercises, etc for you to keep improving. If you like a powerful effective sports massage, Naomi is your masseuse.
Top-quality practice, lovely reception staff too. Highly recommended” – Dee Evans

Back To Front Chiropractic

back to front chiropractic clinic in brisbane

Back To Front Chiropractic comes next on our list. If you are looking for an outstanding chiropractic clinic that cares for the whole person, this is an excellent choice for you.

If you are dealing with back problems that hinder you from living your fullest life, it may be time to consider chiropractic treatments. Here in Back To Front Chiropractic, you will meet the most highly skilled practitioners in Brisbane. Make the most out of your life today by saying goodbye to your body pain with them today!


Chiropractic Care, Massages, X-Rays


Address: 4/32-36 Hampton St, East Brisbane QLD 4169
Phone: (07) 3393 2201


“I went to a physio about nerve pain in the front of my ankle, then a massage therapist… Neither of them helped me. I couldn’t run or walk properly. Made a last-minute appointment for Travis. He was amazing. Did absolutely everything in his power to get me moving properly for the weekend. I ran the next day with no pain at all and no pain since. Would highly recommend.” – Krystal Neumann

Brisbane Chiropractic Centre

brisbane chiropractic group

Brisbane Chiropractic Centre is a sought-after clinic in the capital. This family-owned practice has been serving the community for more than 100 years. With them caring for you, you know you are in the best professional hands.

Moreover, their expert practitioners make use of evidence-based treatment programs. They combine these with several remedial massages and heat therapies. In addition to that, you can also rely on their manual mobilizing adjustment services to get even more effective results. Get in touch with them today!


Chiropractic Care, Massages, Heat Therapy, and more


Address: Level 5/243 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3229 6993


“I’ve used Tony for years. He is a fantastic chiropractor, a great person, and altogether too knowledgeable about his profession. He really gets to know his patients and it’s always enjoyable to see him – he never fails to improve my wellbeing and never gives up trying to get me to take better care of myself.” – Brendan Balasekeran

Vitalign Chiropractic

vitalign chiropractic in brisbane

Finally, Vitalign Chiropractic completes our list. This team of world-class chiropractors believes that patients deserve the highest standard of care. In this clinic, you are sure to receive quality healing treatments and more.

In addition to that, they stay true to their mission of transforming lives through corrective-based chiropractic and exercise therapies. They give you an honest and straightforward diagnosis you need. Surely, they will help you reach your health goals by giving you tried and tested solutions. Set up an appointment in Vitalign Clinic today!


Chiropractic Care, Corrective Exercises


Address: 5/165 Melbourne St, South Brisbane QLD 4101
Phone: (07) 3217 2473


“I have regular maintenance adjustments by Dr. Matt for the last 18 months and he always is curious about my overall health and well-being. He notices when things are not quite right and adjusts accordingly. He is always willing to listen to what is going on in my overall body. Thanks! 🙏” – Shona Wylie