Food is at the heart of everything, especially when it comes to an event. One way to follow through the high steaks of the success of a party is by having a good catering service to stand by as you go take the reigns on the more important tasks for yourself – hosting the event.

Have a look at our list of the best three catering companies Melbourne has the pleasure of feeding and serving.

3 Best Catering Companies in Melbourne

#1 IQ CateringBest catering Melbourne

IQ Catering is the smart choice for those looking to have exceptional cuisines at their event. Whether it is for a wedding, corporate showcase, exhibition and many other events under the sun, this company does it.

IQ provides options for those with a tasteful palette, providing scrumptious and delectable dishes for those people longing for a sweet taste of the finer things in life. They offer a range of recipes looking to please every appetite including appetizers, BBQ, cocktail party dishes, and vegetarian cuisine.

They cater to any allergy whether or not your guests are gluten free, vegan, dairy intolerant, nut allergy and many more. Not a single one of your guests will go hungry with IQ Catering on your side.

#2 Yum CateringMelbourne companies catering

Yum Catering disproves that beloved phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover. Judging from the title alone, you can be assured this company provides delicious food options for your guests, adding a little more flavour and spice to any event your hold with them.

They serve dishes from all over the world, ranging from Spain, Italy all the way to Thailand. Whether you have a corporate event to a wedding, here is your go-to make a night you’ll never forget.

#3 Fat and Skinny CateringCatering Melbourne companies

Fat and Skinny are a fun clad of women who are unapologetically themselves both in their personality and in their cooking.

From their funny aprons to their funny antics, your guests will find themselves in stitches (in the best way possible) having a crack up at their delightful energy. If you are looking for a good time, Fat and Skinny may be your best bet.