Camping is a favourite past time for many people within Australia. This country provides natural beauty and scenery for its inhabitants, and as such, many people take these opportunities to spend their time outdoors, hiking and camping.

However, the vast majority of these people are not seasoned and avid campers who will regularly visit the vast outdoors at the drop of a hat. Camping equipment can be expensive, and it does not make financial sense for irregular campers to invest into the best possible equipment.

Camping hire can therefore be utilized in order to be able to experience the best of the best when it comes to camping equipment. You can hire some of the best equipment out there and return it after your trip, for the fraction of the price of buying the equipment yourself.

These are the 3 best camping hire websites in Australia.

3 Best Camping Hire Websites in Australia

#1 Overnight AdventuresAustralian camping hire website

Overnight Adventures is a premier camping hire website which provides customers with the opportunity to use the best camping equipment for their trip, which can then be returned.

Their prices are reasonable and are able to be used consistently, without the hassle of maintenance and storage. If you decide you like the equipment, you are able to then buy it. This is a great system for any camper who wants to try the waters before diving in.

#2 Sydney Camping HireBest camping hire in Australia

Sydney Camping Hire offers a number of different forms of camping equipment from tents to additional gadgets and accessories which can make camping much easier.

Each of these tents are listed clearly on the website, which is easy to navigate, and the low prices are displayed for the customer.

#3 Eco TreasuresHire camping gear Australia

Eco Treasures offer a number of different types of services, including camping hire. They have packages which come with a large assortment of all the camping gear you may need on a trip, so even if you have absolutely nothing, you can still take that camping trip that you thought about.

Eco Treasures is perfect for the amateur camper.