Below is a list of the top and leading Bush Walks in Perth. To help you find the best Bush Walks located near you in Perth, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Perth’s Best Bush Walks:

The top-rated Bush Walks in Perth are:

  • Kalamunda National Park – a national park in Western Australia
  • Mundy Regional Park – a regional park in Darling Scarp
  • Bold Park – a 437-hectare urban bushland area in City Beach
  • Eagle’s View Walk – has impressive views across the Swan Coastal Plain
  • Bungendore Park – located at the edge of the Darling Scarp

Kalamunda National Park

kalamunda national park in perth

Kalamunda National Park comes first up on our list. This stunning national park was established in 1964. It is 23 kilometres away from the east of Perth and has an area of 375 hectares.

Moreover, it is famous for its diversity of native plants.  While you enjoy bushwalking through this national park, you will get to enjoy the spectacular sights of its world-class woodlands. To make it easier for you, there are accessible walk trails set up for visitors. You can also enjoy picnic facilities with your family here. For your next outing with your family, this is definitely one of the best places you can choose.


Bush Walking, Horse Riding, Parking, Picnic Facilities


Address: Schipp Rd, Piesse Brook WA 6076
Phone: (08) 9290 6100


“I don’t know why I waited so long to visit Kalamunda National Park. Cause it is so beautiful, peaceful and an overall great place to go for a hike or even relax and take in nature. There are various trails I have yet to explore but so far the first one has been amazing, can’t wait for another beautiful weekend to head that way again.” – Joanna Jayasekera

Mundy Regional Park

mundy regional park in perth

Mundy Regional Park comes next on our list. You can find this regional park on the western edge of Darling Scarp. It has a total area of 56 hectares and was established back in 1957.

Here, you get astounding views of the Swan Coastal Plain. You also get to see the city of Perth and its surrounding suburbs from a different perspective. You will find an extensive network of walk trails that you will surely enjoy. There is also an exciting campground set up in the area. Check out its website to learn more about this beautiful park.


Bush Walking, Campground, Walk Trails


Address: Kalamunda Rd, Forrestfield WA 6058
Phone: (08) 9442 0300


“This place offers some nice refreshing trails alongside a steady stream of water flowing down the hill. However, we didn’t see any toilets or seating areas but do have some shaded areas under trees. Need to watch out for ants though.” – Kim Law

Bold Park

bold park in perth

Bold Park is a popular place where you can go about your bushwalking activities as well. This is 437-hectare urban bushland located in City Beach, Western Australia. It is 8 kilometres away from the busy central district of Perth.

Moreover, this was declared as an A-class reserve last August 1998. This means it is recognized for its high conservation, landscape, and recreation values. In addition to that, it has impressive biodiversity and is actually one of the largest remaining bushland remnants in the area. Check out their Ecology Centre to learn more about this magnificent park today!


Bush Walking, Toilets, Refreshments, Transport


Address: Perry Lakes Dr, City Beach WA 6015
Phone: (08) 9480 3600


“A spacious beautiful park with various walking trails and paved roads which are best for walking/bikes. You might get to see many beautiful birds and nature. Be careful of the magpies, sometimes quite aggressive and swoop over your head.” – Ayaka I.

Eagle’s View Walk

eagle view walk in perth

Eagle’s View Walk is another favorite sight among locals and visiting tourists. It is a 15 kilometre around John Forrest National Park, which happens to be one of the country’s oldest national parks. Here, you also get breath-taking views of the Swan Coastal Plain.

Moreover, there are a number of ecosystems that you will find here. If you want to unwind and have a picnic with your family, you can do so when you get to Hovea Falls. So, you won’t forget how far you have gone on your bushwalking journey, there are signs put up every two kilometres. Enjoy their different facilities such as their kiosks, car park, and picnic area today!


Bush Walking, Kiosk, Picnic Area, Parking,


Address: Rangers Office, John Forrest National Park, Darlington WA 6070
Phone: (08) 9298 8344


“Such a nice walk! Follows along a couple of ridges so nice mix of slopes/uphill and downhill. Best views are in the first half of doing direction intended, last ~km is more along a road, a little less scenic.” – Kiya Alimoradian

Bungendore Park

bungendore park in perth

Finally, Bungendore Park secures the last spot on our list. This is a 498-hectare park that is located on the edge of Darling Scarp. It is about 30 kilometres away from the southeast of Perth. Additionally, you can find it inside Wungong Regional Park.

While you go on your bushwalk, you will find native vegetation and small areas of woodland. You will also find a watershed that divides the park into two water catchments. Moreover, you will find that the Cooliabberra Spring area in the park has the highest conservation value in the area.


Bush Walking, Wildlife Experience, Wildlife Conservation, and more


Address: Wungong Regional Park, Bedfordale WA 6112
Phone: (08) 9420 7207


“Very green forest with plenty cool of trails, the one that we went on went by a creek that and also has some old mining equipment as well on the side of a track, was a pretty interesting find. Was a bit wet when we went but still, a nice time might be better off going in the spring or on a not so rainy day. Overall nice park, would recommend going during spring or a warm winter day.” – Felix M.