Below is a list of the top and leading Bush Walks in Newcastle. To help you find the best Bush Walks located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Bush Walks:

The top-rated Bush Walks in Newcastle are:

  • Glenrock State Conservation Area – a protected conservation area in NSW
  • Blackbutt Nature Reserve – has a range of wild fauna such as possums and flying foxes
  • Hunter Wetlands Centre – a striking wetland reserve with abundant native wildlife
  • Wallarah National Park – a perfect place for hiking, fishing, and cycling
  • Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area – a 761-hectare conservation area

Glenrock State Conservation Area

glenrock state conservation area in newcastle

First up, we have Glenrock State Conservation Area at the top of our list. This is a protected conservation area that you can find just eight kilometres away from the busy central business district of Newcastle.

If you enjoy hiking and mountain biking, this is the perfect place for you. You can also enjoy school excursions and guided tours here. Surely, you will be amazed by its waterfalls and rainforest walks when you go on an adventure here. In addition to that, the park protects several Aboriginal sites.


Bush Walk Trails, Mountain Biking Trails, Guided Tours


Address: Yuelarbah Track, Highfields NSW 2289
Phone: (02) 4946 4100


“Glenrock offers many trails and tracks from the novice through to the advanced walker/runner/hiker. I love that it offers stunning views, shade to retreat from the sun and a variety of wildlife including an echidna as I approached the beach! Any person should come out for a stroll. Busy times are weekends as there are many groups rock climbing and running and the sorts. I would suggest afternoon time but leave yourself plenty of time to get home and to not be out in the dark!” – Will Berry

Blackbutt Nature Reserve

blackbutt reserve in newcastle

Blackbutt Nature Reserve is a favourite place for outdoor activities in Newcastle. This is definitely one of the places you must visit when you go to Newcastle. Here, you will find a wide range of wild fauna. This includes owls, flying foxes, and possums.

In addition to that, you can enjoy picnics with your friends and family here. At present, the reserve has 16 picnic shelters that you can reserve. Check out their website to learn how you can join their animal encounters today!


Wildlife Exhibits, Picnic Shelters, Hiking Trails, and more


Address: Carnley Ave, Kotara NSW 2289
Phone: (02) 4904 3344


“Completely enjoyed our time. We saw 3 koalas, 2 wombats, many peacocks, wallaby and heard many birds singing. The walk through the reserve is very refreshing.” – Ayesha Siddika

Hunter Wetlands Centre

hunter wetlands centre in newcastle

Hunter Wetlands Centre comes next on our list. If you are in search of a striking wetland that is rich in native wildlife, this is a perfect place for you. This is the country’s longest-running community-owned wetlands centre. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities.

You can unwind while you take a hike or ride your bike around the site. They also have tours and canoeing activities. Watch out for the amazing wildlife that lives there as well. In addition to that, they have art exhibitions and holiday programs for children.


BBQ Facilities, Picnic Area, Walking Trails, Biking Trails, and more


Address: 1 Wetlands Pl, Shortland NSW 2307
Phone: (02) 4951 6466


“This place is an amazing testament to the power of the community and volunteers. An incredible resource for Newcastle. A great place to wander around, have a picnic or a coffee in the cafe looking over the ponds full of birdlife. So good!” – Stephen L.

Wallarah National Park

wallarah national park in newcastle

Wallarah National Park is a go-to destination for bush walks in Newcastle. This is one of the most beautiful places here in Newcastle. You can enjoy a range of recreational activities here as well. These include cycling, hiking, fishing, and surfing. They even have nice areas for your picnics here too.

In addition to that, it is just an hour away from Newcastle and Gosford. You will surely enjoy exploring their different hiking and mountain bike tracks. Check out their website to learn more!


Bush Walk Trails, Mountain Biking Trails, Picnic Area, and more


Address: Pinny Beach NSW 2281


“Swim, walk, mountain bike. Clean beaches and great walking tracks. There are toilets and camping at Frazier park end but apart from that Catherine Hill Bay. Lots of coastal cliff walks and hills.” – Nathan B.

Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area

lake macquarie state conservation area

Finally, Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area completes our list. This is an outstanding 761-hectare conservation area. It is also about 20 kilometres from Newcastle. Here, you will find that it is composed of six separate land sections that are surrounded by the coastal saltwater Lake Macquarie.

Here, you will surely enjoy your favourite recreational activities. These include bush walking, kayaking, and canoeing. In addition to that, they have peaceful picnic areas. Browse through their website today to learn more about the different walking tracks in this area!


Bush Walk Trails, Canoeing Activities, Picnic Area, and more


Address: Dobell Dr, Lake Macquarie NSW 2283
Phone: (02) 4972 9000


“The West walking trail takes you down a bit of a secluded path to BEAUTIFUL lakefront view. Great for a little break or picnic without the crowd” – Vanisha Nand