For those who like to indulge in a little sweetness in their everyday lives, or for those who have migrated over to Australia from the colonial homeland, British candy has its own allure that is unmatched by any other nation.

The mythos of the British lolly shop is a tale as old as time, people who want to taste the authentic British experience used to have a plane ticket and expensive journey to get it. The rise of importation in Australia has paved the way for a renaissance of opportunity to get authentic and delicious British sweets delivered straight to your door.

Australia has its fair share of competitors when it comes to high-quality British sweets, the following 3 were selected based on range, price, quality, and service.

3 Best British Candy Importers in Australia

#1 One Stop British ShopBest Australian British candy importers

The One Stop British Shop is certainly a well-rounded and detailed experience when it comes to the quality and range of products that they’re able to get their hands on. The WA based seller and importer has a selection of the classics, the new releases and package deals at some very reasonable prices when all is considered.

Their affordable shipping and quick responses were a massive bonus and reason for their inclusion.

#2 British SweetsBritish candy importer

British Sweets are a close second in all the same categories as One Stop. They have an impressive enough range, which also includes some Irish and Scottish imports along for the ride and have a delicious hamper package that is perfect for gifts or for treating yourself.

They stand out with their range of non-sweet items that have been similarly imported, including merchandise and royal paraphernalia.

#3 Joys DelightsCandy imported from Britain in Australia

Joys Delights is included due to the sheer number of countries that the company has managed to import sweet treats from! This of course doesn’t measure up to the level of British based sweets that the previous entrants have on offer, still the staggering number of ways in which to shop this site is a fun rollercoaster of taste.

Their professional aesthetic, fast-delivery, and affordable package deals got them the round out the list.