Breast surgery has often been a taboo subject in the past, however as standards become more and more accepted in this progressive age, breast surgery has become more popular. Breast surgery can be done for a number of reasons, however commonly it is done for aesthetic purposes and within beauty circles.

However, it can also have medical reasons behind it, with breast cancer being a major driver of these forces. Breast cancer can be devastating, and one of the best ways to beat it immediately is to have the breast tissue removed.

This can leave the patient feeling less than and scarred. Surgery can be done to then input fake breasts through silicon to give the patient their life back and to look and feel normal.

The best 3 breast surgeons in Australia are as follows.

3 Best Breast Surgeons Within Australia

#1 Dr Justin JamesAustralian best breast surgeons

Dr Justin James is a skilled, experienced and qualified expert in breast surgery and has been practicing his art for a significant amount of time now. As an experienced oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgeon, he has the ability to give you the desired breasts while maintaining health and safety the entire time.

Furthermore, he is able to create an effective dialogue between him and his clients in order to ensure that he has the requirements from you to give you the best possible outcome.

#2 Dr TakavoliSurgeons Australia breast surgery

Dr Takavoli is an elite plastic surgeon based in Australia who has an unrivalled expertise in plastic surgery. Performing over 900 operations a year, his clients are completely satisfied with his work, and he has a proven track record of success.

With over 20 years of experience, he certainly has the expertise and experience within these fields to give you what you want, for whatever reason you want it.

#3 Dr Jeremy HuntBreast surgeon Australia

Dr Jeremy Hunt has been a plastic surgeon for over 20 years and has honed his skills in this time to allow him to be able to perform amazing procedures which leaves his clients happy with the results.

He is completely qualified in this field and is widely regarded as one of the leading plastic surgeons in Australia.