Below is a list of the top and leading Brand Specialists in Newcastle. To help you find the best Brand Specialists located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Brand Specialists:

The top-rated Brand Specialists in Newcastle are:

  • The Brand Pool – Newcastle’s creative agency that specializes in strategy and branding
  • Stand Out Brand – helps you unlock your business’ personality
  • Design Bug – a boutique graphic design studio crafting distinctive brands
  • Out Of The Square Media – creates content by working together and following creative impulses
  • Enigma Communications – in the business of delivering unfair share

The Brand Pool

brand pool in newcastle

The Brand Pool is a well-known marketing agency in Newcastle. It’s a creative agency that specializes in strategy and branding. In addition to that, they are into digital marketing too. Moreover, they have the best when it comes to graphic design.

They utilize insight-lead storytelling in their approach. This engages customers and drives behavior change. They promise to provide the right services to let you succeed. Their storytelling method engages different audiences. Moreover, this attracts more brands and services.


Branding, Creative Ideas, Graphic Design


Address: 29 Beresford St, Newcastle West NSW 2302
Phone: (2) 4962 1630


“The Brand Pool helped me establish my brand. It gave me direction and led me to where I want to go. Thank you!” – Nicole S.

Stand Out Brand

stand out brand specialist in newcastle

Stand Out Brand helps bring out the uniqueness in you. They help you showcase and reflect this in your brand. Their goal is to help you stand out among the rest in the business.

When you partner with them, they guarantee you’ll get noticed. Their brand is a hugely valuable asset for you. Their team is composed of people with different expertise. The founder, Janelle Gerrard, has worked with some of the biggest names in the field today. She understands the challenges that come with surviving in the commercial landscape.


Brand Creation, Brand Review, Graphic Design, and more


Address: Suite2/1 Kenrick St, The Junction NSW 2091
Phone: (414) 395 125


“Janelle is a wonderful designer and professional. She excels in the art of branding and design. She was a fountain of knowledge during our initial consultations and was very generous with her time. Janelle is a rare find. If you are looking for a brand designer, she cannot be beaten. Experience, expertise, and a wonderful mentor all in one. Fabulous service!” – Claire Pemberton

Design Bug

design bug branding specialist in newcastle

Design Bug is passionate about what they do. They’ve been in the business for over 10 years. When it comes to head-turning print and digital design, they’re the ones to call.

They are conveniently located in the heart of Newcastle. They’re a known boutique graphic design studio. Moreover, they specially cater to distinctive brands in the field. Their graphic designers will bring a fresh perspective to your project. Additionally, they offer top-notch strategic direction. Give them a call and build your brand today.


Branding, Graphic Design


Address: 7 Crown St, Newcastle NSW 2300
Phone: (2) 4926 4406


“Passionate about what they can achieve for clients and a very talented creative eye.. highly recommended.” – Nicholas Hook

Out Of The Square Media

best branding specialists found in newcastle

Out Of The Square Media is another known name in branding specialists. They’re an idea agency that creates content that you will love. They work together with you and follow creative impulses that will help build your brand.

Truly, this team is all about ideas and strategy. Moreover, they are dedicated to delivering the best results. If you want to bring your brand into the world, choose them. Discover the best effective marketing approach when you side with them. Surely, you will enjoy learning from their insights.


Production, Digital, and Creative Services


Address: Level 7/77 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300
Phone: (2) 4929 6640


“Great agency to work with.” – Mark Titley

Enigma Communications

enigma communications brand specialist in newcastle

Enigma Communications secures its place on this list. If you want to push your business ahead of the crowd, they do it best. Their team is also composed of the best strategic partners in the field. They guarantee to take your brand to the national stage.

Moreover, the develop the best brand experiences. They are equipped with every tool that you will need for your business. To take a look behind the scenes, you may visit their website. Take the time to look at their previous projects too. Surely, you will see what you’ve been missing.


Advertising, Media, Branding, Public Relations


Address: 3/21 Bolton St, Newcastle NSW 2300
Phone: (2) 4926 4999


“Great people, very friendly, helpful and lovely to deal with” – Michael Marshall