Home Loan Lenders in Australia

In Australia, securing a home loan can be a complicated process. Particularly if you have a tumultuous financial past, you may find it difficult to get approved for a loan and therefore impossible to enter the housing market.

Non traditional lenders are ideal for individuals who do not fit into the extremely tight lending criteria that many banks push. These are 3 of the best home loan lenders in Australia, especially for those looking for a more flexible application process.

Top Rated Home Loan Lenders in Australia

#1 Non Conforming Loans

Non Conforming Loans is one of the best lenders in Australia due to their highly flexible opportunities for those applying for home loans. They understand just how difficult it can be to secure a loan and that there are a range of factors that may contribute to why you are not being approved by traditional lenders.

Fortunately, the expert team at Non Conforming Loans are able to customise a solution just for you. They will take your application into consideration even if your financial record is not flawless and will work tirelessly to get your application approved so that you may obtain the home of your dreams. Their innovative solutions have helped countless Australians enter the market and they continue to emerge as the best home loan lender in Australia.

#2 Liberty

Liberty have the fundamental goal of getting you into a property sooner. The process of obtaining a home loan does not have to be a long and drawn out ordeal with this lender.

Liberty understand that applying for a home loan is not a one size fits all process and are able to quickly adapt their knowledge to your unique situation and financial history. Offering competitive prices and unmatched expert advice, they are one of the top home loan lenders in Australia.

#3 Mortgage Choice

Mortgage Choice offer a wide range of loans that can be customised to you. Their non-conforming loans are particularly popular and have helped many Australians enter the property market. A perfect credit history is not necessary with Mortgage Choice, they aim to help people from all walks of life obtain the loan that lands them their dream home.

With access to home loans from over 25 lenders, Mortgage Choice can facilitate the entire process and give you the confidence that your application process will be smooth and effective for securing a loan.