Beauty treatments have exploded in popularity in recent years, namely due to the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram which allows big name celebrities and social media influencers to show off their treatments and products.

With huge followings of millions of people, ladies across the world are looking to receive beauty treatments to look like their favourite celebs, from Kendall Jenner to Kim Kardashian. With the rise in popularity, a lot of luxury beauty clinics have popped up across Sydney with the intent of tapping into the newfound market’s success.

However, with so many new clinics it can be hard to choose one which will offer the highest quality services.

Here are the 5 best luxury beauty clinics in Sydney:

  1. Contour Body and Skin

Contour Body and Skin

Contour Body and Skin is a luxury beauty clinic based in Sydney’s high-end eastern suburbs. Specializing in coolsculpting for spot reduction as well as skin treatments, they are one of the best go-to’s for beauty treatments. They also offer face lift treatments for improving fine lines and creating a youthful look. This is the place to be for the best that beauty treatment has to offer.

  1. The Beauty Clinic

The Beauty Clinic

The Beauty Clinic is run by Dr Daniela Bitlan who offers a huge range of beauty treatments for her clients. These include laser treatments (very, very popular right now), injectables and skin treatments. This clinic offers such a large range of treatments that you are sure to find what you need here.

  1. Lumiere Beauty Clinic

Lumiere Beauty Clinic

Lumiere Beauty Clinic aims to improve the luminosity of your skin, utilizing the latest dermatological technologies to do so. Their team of qualified professionals know what they are doing and specialize in skin treatments.

If you are looking for glowing and radiant skin, this is the place for you.

  1. Sydney Cosmetic Clinic

Sydney Cosmetic Clinic

Specializing in cosmetic surgery, Sydney Cosmetic Clinic takes it a step further than the rest. They have been featured in prominent newspapers, magazines and TV and aim to be on the forefront of new beauty technologies. Their clinic features doctors only, so you can trust their professionalism.

  1. Evolution Laser

Evolution Laser specializes in laser treatments for a variety of different outcomes. These can be related to skin, hair removal and also other treatments to do with fat reduction and cosmetic injectables.

Offering affordable prices, Evolution Laser is a good clinic for your beauty needs.

These luxury beauty clinics offer everything you would ever need to spice your body up. With the list ready, what are you waiting for?