When considering a remodel of your home, one of the major players in terms of areas of focus is always the bathrooms. The bathroom is where a great many of us spend a lot of our time in the long and short of it, so naturally it’s important to ensure the room will be looked after by good and noble professionals in the field.

When it comes time to choose the renovationists that will be looking after your bathroom, there should always be consideration and research going into the workers that will be having a hand in it. Whether it’s in the design phase, the construction stage, or anything in between.

3 Best Bathroom Renovation Services in Sydney

#1 Star CeramicsSydney bathroom renovation service

Star Ceramics have the complete package on offer when it comes to renovations in the city of Sydney. Bringing the latest in innovation and technology to their arsenal, the team at Star Ceramics boast a hefty amount of experience, coupled with their all-star service to deliver an experience like no other.

They’re backed by a long line of positive testimonials, some very nice examples of previous work, as well as being licensed and accredited by the relevant institutions. Fair quotes, no hidden fees, 6-year warranty coverage, there’s not a step taken in the wrong direction with Star.

#2 Novale BathroomsBathroom renovation Sydney

Novale Bathrooms have a wonderful history when it comes to making a bathroom pop in all the right ways. Being founded and staffed by forward-thinkers, the team at Novale have a commitment to bringing out the best in any space and it shows with their inspirational and unique approach to renovations.

Their commitment to being there from the planning to execution is a rarity in so many competitors.

#3 Belle BathroomSydney renovation service

Belle Bathrooms certainly the decadent choice for those looking for that extra padding of security. Their renovations and styles are simply fantastic, they’re covered heavily with insurance, accreditations, and a long-term warranty to ensure that the work they do has an air of permanence.

Their old school adage of having the customer be the priority for any job is what solidified their placement in the list, and why they should at least be the third call you make.