Bamboo is a highly prized material that offers an all-natural and aesthetically pleasing look for any home or space, wanting to make their surrounding look a little more bougee and at an affordable cost.

If you are looking to make a home that is built to last, bamboo offers a quality unlike no other and the major upside – it is ultra environmentally friendly! Here we’ve listed out the top three of the finest bamboo building products in Australia.

3 Best Bamboo Building Product Suppliers in Australia

#1 Bamboo Building ProductsBest bamboo building products Australia

Bamboo Building Products will bamboozle your home or space, with their specialised service. The perfect duo, Gerald and Jo Grubwinkler are dedicated to the art of Bamboo, providing bamboo products tailormade for all your building and construction needs.

They have a passion for building a sustainable future in our homes and cities, using their environmentally friendly fibre of bamboo to construct not only concrete sites but those that are made from the most natural sources our planet has provided to us.

The products range from gazebos to panel walls, giving the right supply to cater to residential and commercial properties. They also have a customisation service, making sure you have the right materials to make your exterior and interior design dreams spring to life.

Using the most organic and cruelty free materials, Bamboo Buildings Product is your number one go-to for all your building needs.

#2 House of BambooBamboo suppliers building products

House of Bamboo is burning down the house with it’s hot with its eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo products. Ranging from fencing, flooring, to decking, this supplier can liven up your property from the roof right down to the very floors.

They will make sure that you have the right product for the right use, tailored to your specifications and of course the overall design theme for your home.

#3 Eco CoreAustralian bamboo products for building

Last on the list is Eco Core, a company that is passionate about supplying sustainable and environmentally conscious building materials. In addition to their high-quality bamboo products, this supplier also caters to offering eco-friendly sustainable timber, making sure you have the materials to have a home that is built to last.

Supplying to restaurants, offices, hotels, and many other commercial and residential areas, Eco core will make you eco out your love from your well-furnished rooftops!