There’s never been a better time to have the perfect lawn that you’ve always wanted to have. Sadly though, not everyone has the time to properly cultivate and care for a natural lawn, others don’t have the adequate soil or sun exposure. Have no fear, artificial lawns are here! In Adelaide there is a growing number of homeowners and businesses looking to boost their greenery and to have a lawn that people look twice at.

With the growing demand, there is also a hefty dose of newfound suppliers making the rounds in the South Australian city. These top 3 were chosen based on convenience, price, location & quality.

Here are the top 3 artificial grass suppliers in Adelaide.

3 Best Artificial Grass Suppliers in Adelaide

#1 Landscapers ChoiceArtificial grass Adelaide supplier

Landscapers Choice have it all going for them, they provide a robust and decent service for their customer base, with a wide range of different shades and sizes that can be applicable to any number of different locations.

They have a vey good track record for their four years in the business, and while they are still a young company, they have the growth and professionalism that makes them suitable for anyone living in Adelaide.

#2 Titan TurfSuppliers of Adelaide artificial grass

Titan Turf have a little more pizazz than most in terms of their whole outlook. Their options are very nuanced and particular depending on your need. Their range includes the exclusive P-Off smell dissolvent, which is a decent addition for anyone with a synthetic lawn to reduce the smells and eliminate organic matter that naturally accrues over time.

Their range is also excellent, with the usual bells and whistles like U.V stabilisation, and a decent price.

#3 Paul Munns Instant Lawn

Adelaide grass artificial

Paul Munns Instant Lawn is an independent provider of some top-quality artificial lawns for those living in Adelaide. His expertise in the industry, coupled with his quite respectable client base is what was most inspiring about his placement on the list. Being an independent in a sea of conglomerates is never easy, and his down-to-earth approach is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Being affordable as well as professional is certainly a bonus point for Paul Munns.