On the internet, there are so many websites there and we know about some websites and some are not. But in this post, I will explain about amazing 3 websites where you can do amazing works.

In this post, I will explain about 3 different category websites. If you like to design amazing images then the first website is related to photo editing and the second one is for students.

The second one is for students and for those peoples who like to read books. The third one is secret if you really interested to know about the third websites then read the full post. If you have any queries after reading this post then comment below.

3 Useful Websites for You to Simplify Your Life

3 amazing websites


If you like photoshop or to design amazing graphics and images, then you became a fan of this website. Canva is an image editing or image designing website where you can create or modify amazing banners, posters, thumbnails, or social photos design.

Now you think it’s a great website, but wait I explain only 20% of its feature now 80% features exist. If you want to know all the features then read the full article to get a brief knowledge.


I already tell you you can design any size of image according to your need it may be horizontal or vertical. If you are thinking am i make images for social media then the answer is yes you can make social media images.

In canva, you get some free templates that will help you to create amazing designs. If you don’t have proper design knowledge then you use inbuilt available templates and make a good looking image whereas it for your social media account or a poster.

If you search free images on google and use that for design then you love this feature. In canva you get free images and most are free and you use those images without watermark.

2.Pdf Drive


If you study books then this website is a golden website for you. Pdf drive is a website where you will download books in pdf format. There are so many books available in the market and most books are paid, so you visit your nearest library to read books.

Using this website you can download your favorite book in pdf format. Pdf drive simplifies your reading experience and you improve your knowledge by reading different books.


This website is amazing and you become a fan of this website if you feel lazy to write content. Dictation.io is a website where you write articles by speaking. If you are a student then you get some projects and your teacher says type all into a word pad and submit a soft copy as well hard copy then this website does you 100% work.

In dictation.io website use your device microphone and analyze your voice and type your voice in words. Now you feel this a superb website. The best part is this website is 100% free and you don’t need to pay a single rupee to use this website.

To start working on dictation just open dictation.io on your browser and choose your language then start typing with your voice.